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About Freedom 55 Financial

A division of London Life Insurance Company, Freedom 55 Financial is backed by a history of strength and stability. Founded in London, Ontario in 1874, London Life has helped Canadians meet their financial security needs for more than 140 years.

Freedom 55 Financial offers London Life’s own brand of savings and investments, retirement income, life insurance, and mortgages. In addition, financial security advisors associated with London Life offer a broad range of financial products from other financial institutions. Through our mutual fund dealer, Quadrus Investment Services Ltd., we can offer powerful investment choices through the exclusive Quadrus Group of Funds.

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How we work

Financial security planning is about planning for retirement and protecting yourself against risk, but more importantly, it is about making your dreams come true.

We have financial security planning solutions which can give you The freedom to choose. The power to get there™. Our financial security advisors can help make sure you make the right decisions about insurance and investment products to address immediate and specific needs. And because Real freedom is financial freedom™, we can also help you build a long-term financial security plan. Our planning process, which is based on the four cornerstones of financial security, allows you to:

  • Gain a better understanding of how you envision your future
  • Understand your current situation, goals and dreams
  • Identify any roadblocks to achieving your goals
  • Work with your financial security advisor as a partner in helping you achieve your financial security goals at all stages of life

About our office

Freedom 55 Financial in Niagara is a great place to build your business as a financial security advisor and investment representative. While you invest your time creating client relationships, you're surrounded by a team focused on providing you with a broad portfolio of products, competitive compensation, technology, coaching and other ongoing support.

Freedom 55 Financial in Niagara is responsive to the needs of its financial security advisors and investment representatives.

Our financial security advisors and investment representatives help clients build a financial security plan that meets their needs at all stages of life.

Vision statement

To continue building on our vibrant culture where our advisors can make a tangible difference in our clients lives and enjoy a successful career with Freedom 55 Financial.

Mission statement

We at the Niagara Financial Centre embrace the processes and opportunities to achieve professional and personal growth. Our value proposition creates the environment to continue to build the organization as a place of choice for our clients in planning for investing and insuring against adversity.

Core values

We conduct ourselves with:

  • Professional ethics and integrity
  • Trust and loyalty with our clients, our advisors and our staff
  • Open communication to our community with value added service as volunteers and citizens

Our history

The first London Life offices in the Niagara Region were opened in 1916, in Niagara Falls and St. Catharines, both managed by W.B. Scarcliff.

Both offices were industrial branch offices, which specialized in lower end insurance “for the masses.” Industrial insurance was sold mainly to the wage-earning class, who due to their incomes, found it more convenient to pay small premiums weekly as opposed to larger yearly sums typical with ordinary insurance. The Niagara Region at the time had become the centre of the fruit growing industry in Ontario, and due to a number of railways coming to the region at the end of the 19th century, hydro-electric development from the Niagara River and the construction of the fourth Welland Canal, there was much growth in manufacturing industries in the region as well.

Between 1917 and 1920, it was noted that the Niagara Falls office had more female insurance agents than normal for the industry during that time period, and they were among the leading agents in the division at the time.

In 1925, a London Life office was opened in Welland and became affiliated with the St. Catharines office. It was decided in 1939 for the industrial territory including the St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and Welland offices to be termed the “Niagara District,” managed by F.W. Hewitson.

Over the years, the offices in all three cities moved on occasion due to changes in the city landscape. In 1932, it was determined that the Niagara Falls office should move from their location in the Empire Block Building, as Erie Avenue was no longer the main business street and attracted less attention as a result. The St. Catharines office occupied many high profile downtown offices including offices in the Widdicombe block of St. Paul Street, the Union Bank Building and also the Bank of Nova Scotia Building on St. Paul Street, the Civic Square Building on King Street and the Provincial Gas Building at 15 Church Street.

In 2000, Freedom 55 Financial Niagara was formed, merging all business into one central location. The office moved into 20 Corporate Park Drive in 2013 where it is still currently located. At the end of 2014, it was noted that the Freedom 55 Financial Niagara in St. Catharines is servicing over 26,000 clients throughout the Niagara Region.

Check out the Products and Services offered through Freedom 55 Financial

98 St. Paul Street, original building where the first St. Catharines London Life office opened in 1916

Check out the Products and Services offered through Freedom 55 Financial

The Bank of Nova Scotia Building, St. Paul Street, St. Catharines, where London Life had office space in 1927

Check out the Products and Services offered through Freedom 55 Financial

The Empire Building, Niagara Falls